Sebastian Church Builders – Kitchen Extensions Surrey

In today’s hyper-inflated property market, a kitchen extension is an affordable option rather than moving, and Sebastian Church Builders has the experience to make it a reality in your home.

The English kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms, often doubling as family room or cramped dining room. A kitchen extension Surrey provides:

  • The opportunity to rearrange cabinets
  • Improved lighting
  • Enjoyment of outdoor lifestyle
  • More floor space for a table and chairs
  • More wall space for cabinets, larger fridge, pantries, or a TV

Kitchen Extension for Comfort Surrey

Extending out from the kitchen into the garden or patio can be completed by Sebastian Church relatively quickly once planning consent has been received. We can even take care of that too.

Unlike most rooms in the home, the kitchen is quite static. Once cabinets have been installed it is difficult to create new space. A kitchen extension solves this problem by removing the exterior wall, and building a new structure with three new walls and a roof.

You have the choice of a brick build that may also extend an upstairs bedroom or single level aluminium or wood extension Surrey, both of which will add glass frontage for more natural light to enter the kitchen. A lantern roof is a particular favourite.

You could also install full width bi-fold doors or a combination of French doors and side windows leading directly onto the patio.

Redesign the Usable Kitchen Surrey

Removal of the outer wall should result in a single floor that seamlessly connects both parts of the kitchen. In some cases, a support lintel between the two halves may be needed, but this is unlikely to affect your enjoyment of your new kitchen extension Surrey.

You’ll be able to increase the number of cabinets, or create space for a larger fridge with adjoining pantry. An island breakfast counter is a very popular request, providing both more work surface and an informal family zone.

Most of our customers increase the usable kitchen area by at least 50%, with well-lit space remaining for a decent sized dining or family area. If requested, we are able to build bench seats against the side walls, which can be useful for adding extra storage in the home.

Sebastian Church Builders would be delighted to provide a no obligation quote for your kitchen extension Surrey, and a simple callback can be arranged for an onsite visit in the next few days.